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Coveo for Sitecore: Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Coveo’s Diagnostics page is super helpful when troubleshooting any Coveo issues. It is listed in the Coveo Search menu in the Sitecore control panel or can be reached directly with the following url –

https://[CMS Site]/sitecore modules/web/coveo/admin/coveodiagnosticpage.aspx


Coveo for Sitecore components state

This section shows the status of all services related to Coveo. Here is the healthy state, but when it errors it shows the detailed error message

Healthy Component State


Errors in Component State



Coveo for Sitecore version information

It comes in handy for checking Coveo and Sitecore versions and their compatibility.

Current Coveo for Sitecore version: 5.0.1153.1

Current Sitecore version:

Compatibility status: these versions are compatible


Coveo for Sitecore organization information

This section is about the Organization and it is usage details.


Coveo for Sitecore configuration files

Basically shows all Coveo-related config files that are currently loaded in the system.


Coveo for Sitecore published items

It shows if the Coveo-related Sitecore items are published or not, it’s time to publish them 🙂


Coveo for Sitecore Indexing test

This section comes into handy when indexing an item or a path, really helpful when an Item has been published but it’s not available in the Coveo index. 



Coveo for Sitecore log viewer

This section is my favorite – I typically use it on Production environments to view the logs when we don’t have access to the server or without logging into the Production servers. We can quickly view the log and troubleshoot the issues.


Indexes List

It shows all the indexes and the IsCoveo flag differentiates the Coveo and Sitecore Indexes.



Download Diagnostics Package

Another super helpful tool – The download Diagnostics Package button at the top of the page. 

It creates all necessary config and logs files needed to log a Coveo Support ticket.

I hope this helps someone.

Happy Sitecoring!


Sitecore Sidekick – Upgrade

I was working on a Sitecore 9.0.2 client project and the Sitecore Sidekick(1.4.4 version) was already installed. When I tried to initiate the Sidekick and it was throwing an error –

Method not found: Void Rainbow.Storage.IDataStore.Save(Rainbow.Model.IItemData) SitecoreSidekick.Shared.IoC.Container.Resolve(Object[] args) +776
ScsContentMigrator.Core.ContentItemInstaller..ctor() +313
ScsContentMigrator.<>c.<InitializeContainer>b__5_4(Object[] args) +31
SitecoreSidekick.Shared.IoC.Container.Resolve(Object[] args) +117

While researching the error, came to know that I need to update Rainbow and Unicorn (If you use Unicorn in your project to serialize items make sure you install the No Rainbow package as this will not overwrite Unicorn’s Rainbow DLL files but rather utilize whatever version Unicorn is using (Sidekick can work with any version). You can skip if your project doesn’t use it) packages as it wasn’t compatible with the versions that were installed.

I was wondering what version of these packages(SideKick, Rainbow, and Unicorn) will be compatible with Sitecore 9.0.2 and realized it doesn’t matter! 

So decided to update the Sidekick(it automatically updates Rainbow) and Unicorn with the latest version via NuGet. Make sure to update all installed Sidekick packages to up-to-date. In my case, I updated the below ones – 

  • SitecoreSidekickFoundation
  • SitecoreSidekickContentMigrator
  • SitecoreSidekickCore
  • SitecoreSidekickAuditLog
  • SitecoreSidekickEditingContext

It automatically updated all the dependencies like below

Now updating Unicorn(Skip if your project doesn’t use it for serialization)  

All packages and it’s dependencies were successfully installed and deployed to QA and UAT environments(it needs to be deployed to the servers in order to make the contract) and the Sidekick started working.

Now we were able to pull content from any environment!

Installing via Sitecore Package

It is not recommended, If you like to install it in environments directly without check-in to source control, you can install it as a package. Download the latest package at the root of the repo.


  • https://jeffdarchuk.com/2016/10/24/sitecore-sidekick-content-migrator/
  • https://kamsar.net/index.php/category/Unicorn/

Hope this helps someone. 

Happy Sitecoring!