Installing Sitecore 10 using SIA(Sitecore Install Assistant)

Sitecore 10 is out! I tried installing it using SIA(Sitecore Install Assistant) along with SXA and it installed smoothly without any errors!


No need to install any prerequisites(includes Solr, SIF) manually, SIA will take care of it.


  • Download installation package (Graphical setup package XP Single) from here.


  • Extract the file zip file downloaded and click on Setup.exe
  • Install the prerequisites to make sure the required SIF and Windows Server prerequisites are up to date.
  • Install Solr 8.4.0 by filling Port, Windows service path prefix and Install path and Install.

Note: Make sure the port number is different from earlier versions of Solr installed. 

  • Fill out site prefix, admin password (going with b, so easy to remember) and Confirm password (new to Sitecore 10), and license file path.
  • Fill out SQL server instance name, admin username and password.
  • Double-check the Solr URL (browse to make sure it’s running successfully), System root and Windows service name
  • Select optional module SXA if you need. I’m going for it, time to explore SXA! Would be nice if Horizon is listed here.
  • Review the summary to make sure the settings are correct.
  • SIA validates to make sure the files look good.
  • Install. This takes around 10 minutes (you can get a coffee!). If it errors out, check out the log.

Yayy!! It’s installed. Is it easy to install with SIA? It’s indeed a great tool!  

Check out the release notes for what’s new in Sitecore 10 here

Happy Sitecoring!

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